World War I:
“The great war”

WW I Background

America 1900
Becoming a superpower.
Peace & Prosperity
Isolationist-not wanting involvement in foreign affairs
Philippine-Am. War too long.
Small standing army

Late 1800’s-nationalism swept across Europe.
Many small nations-like Bosnia & Serbia today.
Countries built up their armies.
Many feared a coming war.

Major European Powers

The Players
 Central Powers –              “Bad Guys”
Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

Triple Entente (Allies)
“The Good Guys”
Great Britain

Gathering Storm
Many of the poor & have-nots were demanding changes in European society.
Revolution: anarchists, socialists & communists were threatening the established governments.
Helped set the stage for war.

The “Spark”
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist, July 1914.

War Frenzy
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
Russia defends Serbia, declares war on Austria-Hungary.
Germany defends Austria-Hungary, declares war on Russia & France.
Germany invades neutral Belgium.
Great Britain, France & Russia declare war on Germany.

World War – areas of action
Western Front: France & Belgium
Eastern Front: Russia & Aus/Hun
Middle East: Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
Atlantic Ocean: German           U-Boats (submarines)

“The Great War”
What made it so “special”!
Industrialization – changed society and warfare.
Military leaders were slow to realize the changes.
Result:                                            20th Century Weapons +
19th Century Tactics
= mass murder.