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Anthony's Website

This is Anthony Giuliani's webpage for Web Management class. This is an experimental website which I am making purely for enjoyment and for a grade. I have been required to include a movie review webpage by the Gloyn master himself so here goes. Hope you enjoy.

Top Movies

1. A Clockwork Orange

2. American Psycho

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

4. Alien

5. The Thing

Frank Ocean

After much research, it has been concluded Frank Ocean is awesome.

What Makes A Classic?

I believe that the idea of a classic is entirely based on one's opinion, not of a set list. However I do believe that you cannot call any movie a classic either. I think that there is a set of rules a movie has to follow in order to be considered a classic.

1. I believe a movie has to be innovative and has to have done something that would go on to change their respective genre or the movie business in general. For example, Toy Story was the first all CGI film ever created which helps secure its case as a classic.

2. The movie has to be good. You can't have a movie that may have good directing but sub par acting. You have to have good acting, cinematography, directing, screenplay, and dialouge. If any one of these aspects is missing or mediocre, it destroys a film. For exmaple, the movie The Purge has a good idea of movie and idealogism, but suffers from bad acting, subpar directing, and execution that doesn't quite match the deepness of it's movie premise.

3. The movie has to have a fan-base otherwise you can't claim that a movie is a classic. A movie has to a good fanbase while also maintaining it's identity, when I say this I mean a movie has to appeal to it's targeted audience while still maintaining credibility as a movie. A good example of this is The Evil Dead franchise. A movie franchise that is a cult classic and a huge underground fanbase which keeps it relevent even to today's standards.

4. A movie has to be moving. You can't expect a movie to be considered a classic if it can't emotionally move it's audience. Movie making is an art and like any other art, it has to invest the viewer and move the viewer in such a way that can alter a person's view on film or even life. A very good example of this is the movie A Clockwork Orange. It's a movie that can move you emotionally and change your outlook on life and society.

5. It has to endure the weight of time. If a movie is viewed decades after it's release and is still looked upon the same or even better upon. It has to stand true even through the sands of time. The Birds is an extremely old movie but is still a turning point for film making, and is still considered to be just as good.