Country Research Project




Your job is to research a country from North America (you may not choose the United States), Latin America, or Europe. 

You will be exploring many different aspects of your country, including, the HISTORY, the GEOGRAPHY, the CULTURE, the ECONOMY, the CLIMATE, and other INTERESTING FACTS.

After researching your country you will write a 3-5 page report. 



1.  Choose a country.
2.  Begin your research.
3.  Use the RESEARCH CHECKLIST to guide you in your project.
4.  After completing your research you will write a research paper.

Your paper should be:

  • 3-5 pages long.
  • Typed
  • Double Spaced
  • Written in a 12-point font.
5.  You also need to include a picture of your country's flag.
6.  You need a picture of one major landform in your country.
7.  You need a third picture, of your choice, that is related to your country.
8.  You need to include a map of your country.
Visit the SCORING RUBRIC to see how you will be graded on this project.



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