Famous People of the American Revolution


There are many people that had important roles in the American Revolution.  We are going to study some of those people.

Your job as a researcher is to do the following things. 
Choose one of the important people from the following website:  http://www.theamericanrevolution.org/ipeople.asp
Write a biography of the person you chose.
You should find a picture of your historical figure and include it with your biography.
The biography should be written in an essay format.  

Your biography should include the following things:

  • When and where the person was born

  • The name of their spouse and children if they had any

  • At least 5 important things that the person contributed to the American Revolution.  You need to explain, or give details about each of the five things.

  • In your opinion, how important was this person to the American Revolution?


You may also use these websites as sources of information.