Beef Information

Feeding Goals
Preventative Health and Management Considerations
Fitting Your Steer
Breaking and Training Tack
Other Tack

Feeding Goals

What's needed to have a steer project? First of all you have to get the steer! Breeding determines what your steer can do, feeding and management determine what your steer will do.

1. Steers should gain 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds per head per day.

2. Steer should convert 6 to 7 pounds of feed into 1 pound gain.


Ideal finished weight depends on the breed of structure of the steer.

A. Angus Steers 1050-1100

B. Hereford Steers 1100-1150

C. Simmental-Angus 1100-1150

D. Charolais-Angus 1125-1200

E. Simmental-Hereford 1150-1200

F. Straight Exotics 1200-1350

Steers should be on feed 140 days prior to the fair. An easy way to figure is:

Ending Weight desired 1250# - (140 days x 3.5# grain/day) = 660# starting weight

Preventative Health

1. Watch for sickness on a daily basis.

2. Check with your local veterinarian for recommended vaccination program.

3. Worm for internal parasites.

4. Use insecticide dusting powder for external parasite protection. (flies, lice, etc.)

Management Considerations

1. Feed twice each day (at about the same time), feeding only what your steer will clean up by the next feeding.

2. Steers gain best on a high grain ration, not hay. When your ster is building up to full feed, increse the grain by 1/3 to 1/2 pound per day (this is during the last 100 days). When your steer is on full feed, he should be eating 20-26 pounds of grain per day.

3. Always have fresh water available. From 900 pounds on, steers drink 10-15 gallons of water per day.

Fitting Your Steer

*Wash 1 time each month

*Rinse each week, comb hair forward

* Cut warts

*Worm in July

*Trijm hoofs 1-2 weeks prior to fair


Tack Needed for Breaking/Training

*Halter with long lead rope

*Rope halter with chain

*sturdy post or fence



*Clean feeding area

*Clean water



Grooming/Fair Tack
Misc. Tack

*Bloat Guard

*Blocking shute (optional)





*Feed Buckets/Pans



*Hoof Polish


*Night tie

*Pitch fork



*Scotch comb


*Shaving Cream

*Show Box with lock

*Show halter

*Show Sheen (optional)


*Spray nozzle

*Wash brush

*Water buckets

*Wheel Barrel




*Permanent Marker


*Staple gun



*Display Board

*Official FFA dress

*Black Jeans

*Black boots

*White collard shirt

*FFA jacket