6/7/8 Physical Education – Mr. Matthewson


Section 1.Rights and Responsibilities


Students have a right to:


1.    excel at a variety of sports and activities

2.    participate in all class activities

3.    enjoy physical education

4.    a safe and non-abusive environment


 In order to enjoy the above rights, students must accept certain responsibilities:


1.    dressing down in gym clothes

2.    following all class rules at all times

3.    refraining from any mental, verbal, or physical abuse against classmates

4.    attempting and practicing an activity before passing judgement

5.    participating in all class activities from warm-up to dress down.


Students who fail to meet these responsibilities could be removed  from participation.



Section 2.  Rules


  The rules for PE are simple:

1.    Safety First – Always!  No hat, bare feet, open-toe shoes, or gum.  Do not do anything that will endanger you and others.  Stop what you are doing when the appropriate signal is given.

2.    Respect others around you!  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.  Follow the instructions the teacher gives you.

3.    Work hard, have fun.  --   Teacher rewards students with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and daily preparedness.



Section 3.  Dress


Students should dress appropriately: shorts or sweats, T-shirt, socks, and non-scuffing tennis shoes.


Section 4.  Grading


Weekly participation grade = 10 points (2 points per day)

         Inappropriate dress and/or non participation = 0 daily points

         Negative behavior = subtract points

         Positive behavior = add points


Section 5.  Consequences


1.    Warning (one per day)

2.    Removal from class (no points for the day)

3.    Additional removals may require behavioral contract.