Sean Matthewson

Almira & Coulee City Middle Schools

Keyboarding / Computer Applications


Program Goals


• develop touch typing skills

• use the computer and other technology as a tool in and outside of school

• explore a variety of computer programs and their uses

• think analytically, logically and creatively



I encourage you to contact me with any questions you have about your son or daughter’s progress in any of my classes.


My email address is  . All teachers' addresses are the same (with a few exceptions), the first letter of their first name, their entire last name and



Every Friday you can expect your child to bring home a computer print out of their grade in computers. There are three different types of entries on these grade sheets; weekly grades, which represent a self-evaluation every student completes on Friday;  outcome checks, which are my version of tests; and jobs, which are specific assignments that are printed and turned in for my evaluation.


Your son or daughter should be able to explain to you why they are receiving their given grade. Outcome checks are specific skills that I watch the students complete and then evaluate. Every student may re-take most of the outcome checks as many times as they wish in order to improve their scores.