Hi, my name is Sydney. This page was made because of a project that my classmates and I got the chance to do. This page is also based on different dogs that have jobs, like the police force. Hope you enjoy this page.


Guide dogs help people who are unable to see, so many organizations (like

  • Guide Dogs For The Blind) train puppies to sit, stay, lay down, to come when called, and to be able to help those who cannot see manouver around in public as if they could see. My Uncle is also blind and has had three wonderful working dogs who came from the organization Guide Dogs For The Blind. My Uncle is the reason why I volunteered to take in and train a puppy from the organization to hopefully have him grow healthy and help out someone in need.

    The K-9 Police force helps with many different crimes. These dogs help with finding people, objects, cars, drugs, bombs, and amunition. The K-9 force isn't just used for the police force, K-9's are also used for military purposes. When my dad was in the military he had two

  • belgian malinois (mal-in-wa), one was named Sue, and the other was named Donna. My dad eventually retired, but the dogs were still healthy to work for the military so he had to give Donna to another soldier. Now we have our retired K-9 bomb dog named Potter.

    Search and rescue dogs help finding people who are lost and are in need of help. These dogs risk their lives in dangerous situations just to save someones life. Wether it is in the heat of summer or the freezing mountians, a search and rescue dog will be there to help find someone.

    Balto is a dog who lead a team of sled dogs to Anchorage, Alaska back home to Nome, Alaska to save many of the young people who were suffering from a horrible, and potentialy deadly, virus called

  • Diphtheria. After returning the serum to Nome, Alaska, Balto became known world wide. New York even made a statue in honor of the incredible dog. Now there is an annual race that takes on the same trail that Balto and the other dogs faced to save lives of many. Balto also became big because of the movie "Balto" and has been made into 2 other series "Balto 2: Wolf Quest" and "Balto 3: Wings Of Change". The
  • Iditarod trail goes from Anchorage, Alaska all the way to Nome, Alaska, which is the same trail that Balto and His Sled team ran to help save Nome.